Daily Opening Times

  • Farm: 10am-5pm Monday-Sunday
  • Cafe: 10am-4pm Monday-Sunday (food served from 11am)

Daily Opening Times

  • Farm: 10am-5pm Monday-Sunday
  • Cafe: 10am-4pm Monday-Sunday (food served from 11am)

Meet the animals

Say Hello to all your Farmyard Friends!

Daily Animal Activities


Kune Kune Pigs

  • Names: Cilla and Sue
  • Born: Sisters both born on 15 February 2015. They were rehomed at Standalone Farm in 2016
  • Kune Kune are the smallest breed of pigs. Cilla and Sue have hairy coats and friendly, gentle personalities! They can survive on grass alone but their favourite foods are fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Cilla and Sue, like most Kune Kune pigs, have a pair of tassels under their chin called Piri Piri.
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Kune Kune pigs come from New Zealand and were adopted by the native Maori people. 'Kune Kune' means 'fat and round' in the Maori language!


  • Name: Polo
  • Born: 2006
  • Polo is a calm and gentle character who loves to eat lots of grass and hay. There are two types of alpaca – Huacaya (wah-ki-ah) and Suri (soo-ree). Polo is a Huacaya alpaca, which make up 90% of the alpaca population.
  • You might think our alpacas look a bit like teddy bears, Huacaya fleece is soft and can even be spun into yarn.
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A male alpaca is a macho, a female is a hembra and their young are called cria.


Shire Horses

  • Name: Jim (Chipstead Jim)
  • Born: Jim was born in 2003 and has been at Standalone Farm since 2007
  • Like all shire horses, he is descended from the Great Horses which carried medieval knights in armour. Over the centuries shire horses have been used for all manner of work, such as pulling barges along canals, pulling large wagons and a variety of farm work.
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Shire horse numbers fell from over a million to just a few thousand by the 1960s. Shire horses are now a rare breed.

Shetland Ponies

  • Name: Tot (Sadieotis Tot)
  • Born: Tot was born in 1998 and joined Jim at Standalone in 2007
  • Tot is very cheeky and surprisingly strong. Jim and Tot love to groom each other and are the best of friends. Jim looks to Tot for reassurance and follows his lead on anything. Tot is definitely the boss! In comparison to Jim’s huge height, Shetland ponies have a maximum height of 10.2 hands (42”), with ponies under 8.2 hands (34”) being miniatures.
  • Originating from the Shetland Isles they are small ponies adapted to survive the cold weather, this is why they grow a big thick coat for the winter months.
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Even though Shetland ponies are very small, they are still super strong and were used on the islands to pull carts and work the land.


Animal Contact Advice

Please wash your hands after feeding or having any contact with animals, especially before eating or before your little farmers play in the play area. Wash your hands with soap and water as hand gels do not protect against all the germs animals carry.
Animals can carry diseases such as E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Chlamydophilia abortus, Salmonella and others. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that children are monitored and that necessary precautions are taken to prevent infection.

View our full Animal Contact Advice here

Animal Welfare Licence

We are thrilled that we have received one of North Hertfordshire District Council’s new animal welfare licences.

View our Animal Welfare Licence here.